Thursday, April 28, 2011

pea and mint soup

It was not my plan to make pea and mint soup tonight. I had another soup planned. One that involved potatoes and sausages. Perhaps you might be wondering what led me to change my mind. Well... okay, I'll admit it, but not without a hefty dose of shame.

Every month, my office holds "treats day." This means that the lunch room is filled with treats. Cookies, cupcakes... you name it. It changes every month. Well, today it was treats day, and the treats were Easter candy. Mini peanut butter cups, mini eggs, gummy worms, jelly beans, ju-jubes... I think you can see where I am going with this.

This soup was the perfect antidote to my upset stomach. It wonderful, light and fresh. To me it seems odd to describe a soup as fresh, but with the pea and mint combination, there is no other way to describe it. These are very simple flavours that I never dreamed I would put together in a soup of all things, but I did, and they got on like a house on fire.

pea and mint soup
Adapted from Jamie's Food Revolution

2 carrots, chopped
2 celery stalks, chopped
2 medium onions, chopped
2 cloves of garlic, chopped
1.6 litres of vegetable stock (a bit less than 2 tetra packs)
2 tbsp olive oil
5 1/2 cups frozen peas
1 small handful of fresh mint leaves

Sautee the carrots, celery, onion and garlic in the olive oil in a large pot with the lid on, but ajar. Cook until the carrot and celery has softened, and the onion is somewhat transparent.  Add the vegetable stock and bring to a boil, then turn the heat down and let it simmer for 10 minutes.

Add the peas and stir, then bring it to a boil again, reduce heat and let simmer for 5 more minutes. Put in your mint leaves.

Using a food processor or blender, puree the soup until smooth. Return soup to the heat. Make sure it is nice and hot before serving.

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